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Seavac centralised boat vacuum cleaner

Features: • the central unit is installed where it does not disturb • up to 10 valves with remote access can be connected to the same central unit • maximum distance between the central unit and the access valves: 12 meters • when positioning the suction hose into any type of access valve, the central unit activates automatically and it switches off when the hose is removed • suction hose, extendable suction and super-flexible, high quality: starting length 2.4 meters (fitted into a bag), maximum length 12 meters • filter HEPA anti-allergic • 220 volt must be solely brought to the central unit • 220 V, 5,5 Amp, extremely powerful, superior to most domestic vacuum cleaners • white stainless steel body, white polycarbonate frame.

50.850.05Recess central vacum cleaner with two remote intlet valves
50.850.06Additional remote intlet valve
50.850.0710 spare bags kit
16.104.38Flexible pipe to connect central unit to remote valves (10 meters roll - 50,8 mm)
50.850.0845° joint for second suction pipe (x638 + 3/x634)
The line joints and T joints required for mounting pipe 16.104.38 are already supplied together with models 50.850.05-06.