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Trim tab HS Series, suitable for hulls with over 40 knots of speed

Made of stainless steel exclusively by Osculati, model fitted with 2.5 mm thickness and special swivelling hinge; the tab can rotate 180° without forcing or breaking the transom bracket. Designed to be used: 1) with electro-hydraulic kit Bennett 51.235.12/24; 2) with electro-mechanic kit EM 52.350.00 (only standard series 51.134.01).

CodeTwin trim tabs cmTo match/order with
51.234.0130x30kit EM 51.350.00 - kit Bennett 51.235.12/24
51.234.02 *30x45kit 51.235.12/24 + two cylinders separately 51.237.00 + un kit 51.240.00
* To be used with a double cylinder Bennet.