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Complete BCS Trim Tab Kit, suitable for mid-heavy hull up to 15/16 metres

The kit includes an electro-hydraulic system CO99 + 1 a set of cylinders made of brass and stainless steel MY 3000 + 1 watertight control panel + joints kit, pipes and bulkhead fairleads. Technical features: A) Control system CO99: capacity 1.92 l/min; working pressure 45 bar, tank capacity 0.95 litres, weight 6 kg, power 160 watt, energy consumption 12 volt at 14 Amps B) Actuator cylinder: body Ø size 50 mm, on-centre eye-eye 301 mm, mounting base Ø 90 mm, tab mounting eyelet 14 mm. Stroke 55 mm, volume 75 c.c., boost 565 kg, pressure 45 bar, joints 1/8”.

51.330.1212 volt kit with 1 pair of cylinders
51.330.2424 volt kit with 1 pair of cylinders
51.331.00extra cylinder
51.332.00joint Kit + pipe for fitting a second
pair of cylinders to the control unit