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Straps made of coloured polyester, fitted with hooks and ratchet

UV resistant, fitted with terminal hooks made of zinc plated steel and fitted with pawl intermediate, made of zinc plated steel and painted to add a nice look to the straps; suitable for fastening boats to the top of the car or to trailers using bow and stern hooks.

CodeFoto ArticoloLength WidthBreaking loadAdjustable
63.250.12200 cm25 mm500 kg60/200 cm
63.250.40400 cm25 mm500 kg60/400 cm
63.250.60600 cm25 mm500 kg60/600 cm
63.251.65 *515 cm38 mm2000 kg120/515 cm
* Especially suitable for heavy hulls or where a greater strap support is required. Oversized pawl and hooks.