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ECO BACT fuel biocide

Bacterial diesel fuel pollution is a very complex problem and ever more widespread. With respect to standard substances (parafin, carbonaceous residues, asphaltene and tar) that are eliminated with Fastol, bacterial sludge is soluble only in acids. 100 ml water on 1000 litres is enough for such bacteria to develop. Bacterial sludge (biomass) blocks filters with a thick brownish black sludge, their growth triggers off corrosion on tanks. Eco-Bact is a highly efficient biocide based with methylene-bisoxazolidina. Can be soluble on diesel fuel, is concentrated on aqueous phases where contamination occurs. Eco-Bact decontaminates polluted fuel and can be used periodically to avoid contamination

CodePackageTretment - continuousTretment - periodical
65.049.011 kg250 grams per 1000 litres every refuelling1000 grams every 1000 litres in consideration of tank volume