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Single-colour waterline stripe tape

Our waterlines have a special permanent glue that, after adhering to the hull, dries up and have the same characteristics of a painted strip. Very easy application thanks to self-aligning film. A usually long work will take you only few minutes.

CodeNewArticoloVarianteHeight mmRoll
65.108.15BI  white1510 m
65.108.30BI  white3010 m
65.108.00BI  white5010 m
65.108.15BL  blue1510 m
65.108.30BL  blue3010 m
65.108.00BL  blue5010 m
65.108.15NE  black1510 m
65.108.30NE  black3010 m
65.108.00NE  black5010 m
65.108.15RO  red1510 m
65.108.30RO  red3010 m
65.108.00RO  red5010 m
65.108.15RM brick red1510 m
65.108.30RM brick red3010 m
65.108.00RM brick red5010 m