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LEWMAR end stop

Available in 2 sizes: - Size 1: for all Lewmar tracks size 1. - Size 2: for all Lewmar tracks size 2.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteTypeRope max ØLength mm
68.770.01Size 1Aluminium without sheave-47
68.771.01Size 1Aluminium with single sheave847
68.772.01Size 1Aluminium with double sheave875
68.773.01Size 1Aluminium with single sheave and becket847
68.774.01 *Size 1Aluminium with double sheave, becket and cleat875
68.785.01Size 1Adjustable end stop for cars-43
68.786.01Size 1Nylon end stop without sheave--
68.770.02Size 2Aluminium without sheave-105
68.771.02Size 2Aluminium with single sheave10105
68.772.02Size 2Aluminium with double sheave10105
68.773.02Size 2Aluminium with single sheave and becket10105
68.774.02 *Size 2Aluminium with double sheave, becket and cleat10105
68.785.02Size 2Adjustable end stop for cars-87
68.786.02Size 2Nylon end stop without sheave--
* Both items are sold in pairs

68.770.01/02 68.771.01/02 68.772.01/02