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MARLOW Excel V12 braid

Rope without outer braid. Ideal for: halyards; trapeze lines, mounting driving wheels; rigging; static purposes. Features: it does not slide, light and flexible, excellent stretch resistance, UV and abrasion resistant Marlow ArmourCoat. Materials: 12-ply Vectran with Marlow ArmourCoat.

CodeFleck colorØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.425.25NA Plain color natural2,5 mm627 kg0,45200
06.425.30NA Plain color natural3 mm993 kg0,67200
06.425.40NA Plain color natural4 mm1678 kg1,34200
06.425.30NE Black3 mm993 kg0,67200
06.425.25VI Violet2,5 mm627 kg0,45200
06.425.30VI Violet3 mm993 kg0,67200
06.425.40VI Violet4 mm1678 kg1,34200

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