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MARLOW D12 braid without cover

Braid without cover. Ideal for: halyards, backstays, vangs, tackles, all dynamic applications. Features: floating, lightweight, stretch resistant, top quality, quick and easy to splice, it doesn't absorb water, UV- and abrasion- resistant Marlow ArmourCoat. Material: 12-strand Dyneema SK78 with anti-abrasion Marlow ArmourCoat.

CodeFleck colourØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.426.25BL Blue2,5 mm569 kg0,37200
06.426.30BL Blue3 mm995 kg0,53200
06.426.40BL Blue4 mm2056 kg0,98200
06.426.50BL Blue5 mm2356 kg1,28200
06.426.25NE Black2,5 mm569 kg0,37200
06.426.30NE Black3 mm995 kg0,53200
06.426.40NE Black4 mm2056 kg0,98200
06.426.50NE Black5 mm2356 kg1,28200
06.426.60NE Black6 mm3487 kg1,77200
06.426.25RO Red2,5 mm569 kg0,37200
06.426.30RO Red3 mm995 kg0,53200
06.426.40RO Red4 mm2056 kg0,98200
06.426.50RO Red5 mm2356 kg1,28200
06.426.60RO Red6 mm3487 kg1,77200
06.426.40BI White4 mm2056 kg0,98200
06.426.50BI White5 mm2356 kg1,28200
06.426.60BI White6 mm3487 kg1,77200