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MARLOW Marlowbraid rope, solid colour

Polyester braid. Ideal for: halyards(cruising), vang; up/downhaul, low-stretch sheets. Features: good resistance to elongation; easy to splice. Core: 12-strand polyester. Cover: high-strength 16-plait polyester.

CodeVarianteØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.427.06BL Blue6 mm901 kg3200
06.427.08BL Blue8 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.427.10BL Blue10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.427.12BL Blue12 mm4450 kg10200
06.427.06RO Red6 mm901 kg3200
06.427.08RO Red8 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.427.10RO Red10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.427.12RO Red12 mm4450 kg10200
06.427.14RO Red14 mm5460 kg14,5200
06.427.06VE Green6 mm901 kg3200
06.427.08VE Green8 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.427.10VE Green10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.427.12VE Green12 mm4450 kg10200
06.427.08BI White8 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.427.10BI White10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.427.12BI White12 mm4450 kg10200
06.427.14BI White14 mm5460 kg14,5200
06.427.08BN Blue navy8 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.427.10BN Blue navy10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.427.12BN Blue navy12 mm4450 kg10200
06.427.14BN Blue navy14 mm5460 kg14,5200
06.427.08GI Yellow8 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.427.12GI Yellow12 mm4450 kg10200