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MARLOW Doublebraid white rope with fleck

White polyester braid with fleck. Ideal for: all types of halyards (cruising), jib furlers reefs, general purposes. Features: soft and easy to use; easy to grip and knot. Core: 8-strand polyester. Cover: high-strength 16-plait (8-12mm) or 24-plait (14-16 mm) polyester.

CodeNewArticoloVarianteØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.428.06BLFleck colour - Blue6 mm1390 kg2,8200
06.428.08BL Fleck colour - Blue8 mm2560 kg4,8200
06.428.10BL Fleck colour - Blue10 mm3690 kg7,47200
06.428.12BL Fleck colour - Blue12 mm4760 kg11,1200
06.428.14BL Fleck colour - Blue14 mm6050 kg15,6100
06.428.16BL Fleck colour - Blue16 mm7230 kg23,2100
06.428.06ROFleck colour - Red6 mm1390 kg2,8200
06.428.08RO Fleck colour - Red8 mm2560 kg4,8200
06.428.10RO Fleck colour - Red10 mm3690 kg7,47200
06.428.12RO Fleck colour - Red12 mm4760 kg11,1200
06.428.14RO Fleck colour - Red14 mm6050 kg15,6100
06.428.16RO Fleck colour - Red16 mm7230 kg23,2100
06.428.06VEFleck colour - Green6 mm1390 kg2,8200
06.428.08VE Fleck colour - Green8 mm2560 kg4,8200
06.428.10VE Fleck colour - Green10 mm3690 kg7,47200
06.428.12VE Fleck colour - Green12 mm4760 kg11,1200
06.428.14VE Fleck colour - Green14 mm6050 kg15,6100
06.428.06BISolid colour - White6 mm1390 kg2,8200
06.428.08BI Solid colour - White8 mm2560 kg4,8200
06.428.10BI Solid colour - White10 mm3690 kg7,47200
06.428.12BI Solid colour - White12 mm4760 kg11,1200
06.428.14BI Solid colour - White14 mm6050 kg15,6100
06.428.16BI Solid colour - White16 mm7230 kg23,2100