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MARLOW D2 Racing 78 braid (with fleck) and Classic rope (solid colour)

Ideal for: halyards, low-stretch sheets, reefs, multiple professional applications. Features: floating, stretch-resistant, easy to splice, the cover can be removed. Core: 12-strand Dyneema SK78. Cover: high-strength 24-plait polyester.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.429.08NED2 RACING with fleck - Black8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.429.10NED2 RACING with fleck - Black10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.429.12NED2 RACING with fleck - Black12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.429.08BLD2 RACING with fleck - Blue8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.429.10BLD2 RACING with fleck - Blue10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.429.12BLD2 RACING with fleck - Blue12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.429.14BLD2 RACING with fleck - Blue14 mm9274 kg11,66100
06.429.16BLD2 RACING with fleck - Blue16 mm11592 kg14,69100
06.429.08LID2 RACING with fleck - Yellow8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.429.10LID2 RACING with fleck - Yellow10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.429.12LID2 RACING with fleck - Yellow12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.429.08ROD2 RACING with fleck - Red8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.429.10ROD2 RACING with fleck - Red10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.429.12ROD2 RACING with fleck - Red12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.429.14ROD2 RACING with fleck - Red14 mm9274 kg11,66100
06.429.16ROD2 RACING with fleck - Red16 mm11592 kg14,69100
06.429.08VED2 RACING with fleck - Green8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.429.10VED2 RACING with fleck - Green10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.429.12VED2 RACING with fleck - Green12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.429.14VED2 RACING with fleck - Green14 mm9274 kg11,66100
06.430.08BID2 CLASSIC solid colours - White8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.430.10BID2 CLASSIC solid colours - White10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.430.12BID2 CLASSIC solid colours - White12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.430.14BID2 CLASSIC solid colours - White14 mm9274 kg11,66100
06.430.16BID2 CLASSIC solid colours - White16 mm11592 kg14,69100
06.430.08BND2 CLASSIC solid colours - Blue Navy8 mm3487 kg3,9100
06.430.10BND2 CLASSIC solid colours - Blue Navy10 mm5360 kg5,92100
06.430.12BND2 CLASSIC solid colours - Blue Navy12 mm6940 kg9,29100
06.430.14BND2 CLASSIC solid colours - Blue Navy14 mm9274 kg11,66100
06.430.16BND2 CLASSIC solid colours - Blue Navy16 mm11592 kg14,69100

06.429.xx 06.430.xx