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MARLOW 8-Plait Pre-Stretched rope

8-Plait pre-stretched polyester rope. Ideal for: sheets, spinnakers, downhauls, vangs, backstays and halyards. Features: very compact and flexible line, excellent grip on cleats and camcleats, abrasion-resistant. Core: twisted polyester.

CodeVarianteØBreaking load kgWeight kg/100 m
06.436.04BI White4 mm4281,3200
06.436.05BI White5 mm6172,1200
06.436.06BI White6 mm8912,9200
06.436.08BI White8 mm14135,5200
06.438.04BL Blue4 mm4281,3200
06.438.05BL Blue5 mm6172,1200
06.438.06BL Blue6 mm8912,9200
06.438.04LI Lime4 mm4281,3200
06.438.05LI Lime5 mm6172,1200
06.438.06LI Lime6 mm8912,9200
06.438.04RO Red4 mm4281,3200
06.438.05RO Red5 mm6172,1200
06.438.06RO Red6 mm8912,9200
06.438.05VI Purple5 mm6172,1200