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Sheet made of high-strength polyester

Antislip, MATT finish with cable-laid low stretch core.

CodeColorsØBreak load
06.437.06BL blue6 mm500 kg200
06.437.08BL blue8 mm700 kg200
06.437.10BL blue10 mm1150 kg200
06.437.12BL blue12 mm1300 kg150
06.437.14BL blue14 mm1500 kg130
06.437.16BL blue16 mm1700 kg100
06.437.06RO Red6 mm500 kg200
06.437.08RO Red8 mm700 kg200
06.437.10RO Red10 mm1150 kg200
06.437.12RO Red12 mm1300 kg150
06.437.14RO Red14 mm1500 kg130
06.437.06BI White6 mm500 kg200
06.437.08BI White8 mm700 kg200
06.437.10BI White10 mm1150 kg200
06.437.12BI White12 mm1300 kg150
06.437.14BI White14 mm1500 kg130
06.437.16BI White16 mm1700 kg100
06.437.06GI Yellow6 mm500 kg200
06.437.08GI Yellow8 mm700 kg200
06.437.10GI Yellow10 mm1150 kg200
06.437.12GI Yellow12 mm1300 kg150
06.437.14GI Yellow14 mm1500 kg130
06.437.16GI Yellow16 mm1700 kg100
06.437.06VE Green6 mm500 kg200
06.437.08VE Green8 mm700 kg200
06.437.10VE Green10 mm1150 kg200
06.437.12VE Green12 mm1300 kg150
06.437.14VE Green14 mm1500 kg130
06.437.16VE Green16 mm1700 kg100
06.437.06AR Orange6 mm500 kg200
06.437.16AR Orange16 mm1700 kg100

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