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Floating braid made of levilene

Very tough, low stretch, easy to handle.

CodeVarianteØBreaking load
06.445.06BI White6 mm200 kg200
06.445.08BI White8 mm350 kg200
06.445.10BI White10 mm600 kg200
06.445.12BI White12 mm800 kg200
06.445.14BI White14 mm900 kg130
06.445.16BI White16 mm1000 kg100
06.445.06AR Orange6 mm200 kg200
06.445.08AR Orange8 mm350 kg200
06.445.10AR Orange10 mm600 kg200
06.445.12AR Orange12 mm800 kg200
06.445.07BA White-orange7,5 mm300 kg200
06.445.06BB White-blue6 mm200 kg200
06.445.07FU Pink (fluo color)7,5 mm300 kg200
06.449.12 Grey12 mm800 kg200
06.449.14 Grey14 mm900 kg130
06.445.07LI Lime (fluo color)7,5 mm300 kg200
06.445.06NE Black6 mm200 kg200
06.445.08NE Black8 mm350 kg200
06.445.10NE Black10 mm600 kg200
06.445.12NE Black12 mm800 kg200
06.445.14NE Black14 mm900 kg150
06.445.16NE Black16 mm1000 kg100

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