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Double braid for Dyneema sheets

Dyneema SK75 braid core, 16-plait high-strength polyester cover. High-strength, low-elongation and lightweight professional braid. White with coloured flecks.

CodeFleckØBreaking load
06.460.02 Blue2 mm220 kg100
06.460.03 Blue3 mm420 kg100
06.460.04 Blue4 mm550 kg100
06.460.06 Blue6 mm1300 kg100
06.460.08 Blue8 mm2100 kg100
06.460.10 Blue10 mm3000 kg100
06.460.12 Blue12 mm4000 kg100
06.460.14 Blue14 mm5000 kg100
06.461.02 Yellow2 mm220 kg100
06.461.03 Yellow3 mm420 kg100
06.461.04 Yellow4 mm550 kg100
06.461.06 Yellow6 mm1300 kg100
06.461.08 Yellow8 mm2100 kg100
06.461.10 Yellow10 mm3000 kg100
06.461.12 Yellow12 mm4000 kg100
06.461.14 Yellow14 mm5000 kg100
06.459.02 Red2 mm220 kg100
06.459.03 Red3 mm420 kg100
06.459.04 Red4 mm550 kg100
06.459.06 Red6 mm1300 kg100
06.459.08 Red8 mm2100 kg100
06.459.10 Red10 mm3000 kg100
06.459.12 Red12 mm4000 kg100
06.459.14 Red14 mm5000 kg100