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Double braid made of high-strength low-stretch polyester

Coloured outer part with contrasting fleck; ideal for sheets.

CodeNewArticoloColorØBreaking load
06.474.04  Blue4 mm180 kg200
06.474.06  Blue6 mm800 kg200
06.474.08  Blue8 mm1200 kg200
06.474.10  Blue10 mm1700 kg150
06.474.12  Blue12 mm2100 kg150
06.474.14  Blue14 mm2650 kg100
06.475.04  Yellow4 mm180 kg200
06.475.06  Yellow6 mm800 kg200
06.475.08  Yellow8 mm1200 kg200
06.475.10  Yellow10 mm1700 kg150
06.475.12  Yellow12 mm2100 kg150
06.475.14  Yellow14 mm2650 kg100
06.473.04  Red4 mm180 kg200
06.473.06  Red6 mm800 kg200
06.473.08  Red8 mm1200 kg200
06.473.10  Red10 mm1700 kg150
06.473.12  Red12 mm2100 kg150
06.473.14  Red14 mm2650 kg100
06.476.04 Green4 mm180 kg200
06.476.06 Green6 mm800 kg200
06.476.08 Green8 mm1200 kg200
06.476.10 Green10 mm1700 kg150
06.476.12 Green12 mm2100 kg150
06.476.14 Green14 mm2650 kg100

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