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Rigging screws with articulated jaw and press-fitting terminal

made of AISI 316 stainless steel

CodeFor cable ØGLL4D4DAWork load
07.202.063 mm6 mm180 mm257 mm6,35 mm6 mm7 mm238 kg
07.202.084 mm8 mm212 mm297 mm7,5 mm8 mm10 mm450 kg
07.202.105 mm10 mm246 mm361 mm9 mm9 mm12 mm625 kg
07.202.126 mm12 mm292 mm- mm12,5 mm12 mm13 mm925 kg
07.202.168 mm16 mm389 mm- mm16,1 mm16 mm17 mm- kg
07.202.2010 mm20 mm452 mm- mm17,8 mm19 mm20 mm- kg