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Snap fasteners

Bulk pack of 1000 pieces.

CodeDescriptionHead ØComponentMaterialSpring
10.301.11Female head17 mmA+BNickel plated brassBronze1000
10.301.12Male to fasten under deck- mmCNickel plated brassBronze1000
10.301.13Counterflange to fasten C on fabric- mmDNickel plated brassBronze1000
10.303.11Female head17 mmA+BS.S.S.S.1000
10.303.12Male to fasten under deck- mmCS.S.Bronze1000
10.303.13Counterflange to fasten C on fabric- mmDS.S.S.S.1000
10.304.11Female head17 mmA+BS.S. coated with white nylonS.S.1000