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TOMAX snap fasteners made of nickle-plated brass

Made of nickel-plated brass, fitted with press-functioning system and spring lock on the female.

CodeDescriptionPicture n.
10.473.01Female with large mushroom plug, fitted with screw counter-ring, designed to be fixed on fabric0125
10.473.02Male with self-tapping pin, A = 8 mm, B = 10 mm0225
10.473.03Male with threaded pin Ø 5 mm, A = 8 mm, B = 10 mm0325
10.473.04Male with 2 screw platei, A = 15 mm, B = 4.8 mm0425
10.473.05Male for fixing on fabric, fitted with screw counter-ring0525
10.473.06Tool device to screw “PULL IT UP”061