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Marine electric cable made of copper and coated with extra-insulating PVC

Made in accordance with ISO10133/13297 standards flame retardant and oil resistant (please note that the cable on the engine room must have oil-resistant features by Law).

CodeFoto ArticoloVersionWire colorSheathRollSez. mm2Ø outer
14.150.15BIunipolarwhite-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.15BLunipolarblue-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.15GRunipolargrey-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.15GVunipolaryellow/green-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.15MAunipolarbrown-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.15NEunipolarblack-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.15ROunipolarred-100 m1,5- mm
14.150.25BIunipolarwhite-100 m2,5- mm
14.150.25BLunipolarblue-100 m2,5- mm
14.150.25GVunipolaryellow/green-100 m2,5- mm
14.150.25NEunipolarblack-100 m2,5- mm
14.150.25ROunipolarred-100 m2,5- mm
14.150.40BLunipolarblue-100 m4- mm
14.150.40GVunipolaryellow/green-100 m4- mm
14.150.40NEunipolarblack-100 m4- mm
14.150.40ROunipolarred-100 m4- mm
14.150.60BLunipolarblue-100 m6- mm
14.150.60GVunipolaryellow/green-100 m6- mm
14.150.60NEunipolarblack-100 m6- mm
14.150.60ROunipolarred-100 m6- mm
14.148.10bipolarblack and redmedium gray50 m17 mm
14.148.15bipolarblack and redmedium gray50 m1,58 mm
14.148.25bipolarblack and redmedium gray50 m2,510,1 mm
14.148.40bipolarblack and redmedium gray50 m411 mm
14.147.15tripolarblack, white, bluemedium gray50 m1,58,5 mm
14.147.25tripolarblack, white, bluemedium gray50 m2,510,9 mm
14.149.10tripolar (for bilge pumps)black, brown and redmedium gray50 m1,58,20 mm
14.149.20tripolar (for bilge pumps)black, brown and redmedium gray50 m2,59,20 mm
14.146.15tripolarblue, yellow/green and brown*Light gray50 m1,58,5 mm
14.146.25tripolarblue, yellow/green and brown*Light gray50 m2,510 mm
14.146.40tripolarblue, yellow/green and brown*Light gray50 m412,7 mm
* designed for connections to 110/220 volt N.B.: Suitable for conductor sizes 6 and 10 mm2, see product numbers 14.593.00/01 and 14.595.00

14.150.xx 14.148.xx 14.147.xx; 14.149.xx; 14.146.xx