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Battery cables, made of copper and coated with synthetic resin insulating covering

Made in accordance with EC standards for use in bilges.

CodeVarianteSectionMax continuous current Ø outerRoll
14.381.25 black25 mm100 A9,5 mm24 m
14.381.35 black35 mm125 A12 mm24 m
14.381.50 black50 mm160 A14 mm24 m
14.381.70 black70 mm250 A16 mm24 m
14.381.90 black95 mm300 A21 mm24 m
14.382.25 red25 mm100 A9,5 mm24 m
14.382.35 red35 mm125 A12 mm24 m
14.382.50 red50 mm160 A14 mm24 m
14.382.70 red70 mm250 A16 mm24 m
14.382.90 red95 mm300 A21 mm24 m