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Our Retail Range
OSCULATI offers a wide range of products with packaging tailored to the end users’ needs.
Blisters, boxes, bags and other package types, everything has been designed in order to make our lines of items immediately recognizable and to enhance the product image.

Most of our small-size products are available in blisters, which makes it possible to create very aesthetically efficacious display racks.
Each product packed in blisters has a bar code and is ready to be exhibited.

For screws in blisters, we can also provide a dedicated display rack.

The packaging is one of the most efficacious ways to communicate and enables end users to immediately find products on shelves and have a clearer view of their characteristics: for this reason, most Osculati products are equipped with high-quality packaging, designed exclusively for that item.
Every package shows a picture of the product and reports its technical characteristics in several languages, the item code and barcode.

All our packages are identified by a well-characterized line, each product category (hydraulic, electronic, lights, etc.) is identified by a coloured stripe at the bottom, which makes it possible to quickly identify the items exhibited.

Sample display racks: