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GLOMEX V9000 Venus - 12 V antenna

Venus, the new Made-in-Italy TV satellite dish with a diameter of just 39 cm is the best choice for combining small size, high performance and style. It is a two-axis stabilized antenna for faster signal capture and preservation. The new technology adopted for this antenna ensures perfect reception to enjoy satellite TV at anchor or while sailing. The performance of the DVB system, which provides the transmission of a digital audio/video flow, allows a perfect view of images with any type of receiver. The system includes a DC/DC converter that can be powered with 12/24 V dc and a control unit that shows the antenna status on an LCD display enabling the use of 8 pre-loaded satellites thanks to the NIT system. Easy to install thanks to the SCC (Single Cable Connection) system, i.e. only one cable connecting the satellite antenna to the television system.