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MARLOW mini-reels

Blister pack with product technical features and tips for use. Easy-to-display and low.cost: with a minimum investment you can get a vast range of ropes suitable for boats and other various purposes. a) EXCEL D 12 - with Dyneema SK75 core. Ideal for: mainsail halyards, jib and gennaker halyards, vangs, up/downhaul (standing rigging), assorted colours. b) 8 PLATES-PES - with pre-stretched polyester core. Ideal for: gennaker and spi sheets, assorted colours.

CodiceVarianteØ mmLength m
06.426.31EXCEL D12317
06.426.26EXCEL D122,530
06.465.318 PLATES-PES317
06.465.218 PLATES-PES230