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Cable/pipe holders

Made of rubber-coated stainless steel; ideal for fixing copper pipes (hydraulic wheelhouses, flaps, supply pipes), device to dampen vibrations, electric ducts, water pipes etc.

Codiceinner Ø Band widthAISI
18.024.088 mm16 mm30410
18.024.1010 mm16 mm30410
18.024.1212 mm16 mm30410
18.024.1414 mm16 mm30410
18.024.1616 mm16 mm30410
18.024.1818 mm16 mm30410
18.024.2020 mm16 mm30410
18.024.2222 mm16 mm30410
18.024.2525 mm16 mm30410
18.024.3030 mm20 mm43010
18.024.3535 mm20 mm43010
18.024.4040 mm20 mm43010
18.024.4545 mm20 mm43010
18.024.5050 mm20 mm43010
18.024.5555 mm20 mm43010
18.024.6060 mm20 mm43010
18.024.6565 mm20 mm43010