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STOPPANI LECHLER Sibelius Light antifouling paint

Biological semi-hard matrix antifouling paint combining the advantages of self-dressing antifouling (maximum effectiveness) and hard-matrix antifouling (higher resistance, recommended for fast hulls). Free from metal salts, suitable for all surfaces, aluminium included. Yield: 9/11 m2/l.

Art. nr.VariantePackage
65.874.00AZ light blue0.75 l
65.874.01 white0.75 l
65.874.11 white2.5 l
65.874.00BL blue0.75 l
65.874.02BL blue2.5 l
65.874.00NE black0.75 l
65.874.02NE black2.5 l
65.874.02RO red2.5 l