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To be used with HUMMINBIRD depth sounders that are not fitted with it.

CodiceFoto ArticoloSpecificationCompatibility
29.236.01Stern mounting speed sensorSeries 300/500/700/800/900/1000
29.236.02Transducer. Stern mounting. Single / Dual Beam, 20°/60° cones, 200/83kHz frequencies, 6m cable, temperature sensor included.It can be used with all products
29.236.03Transducer. Stern mounting. Quad / Tri Beam, 20°/60°/90° cones, 200/83/455 kHz frequencies, 6m cable, temperature sensor included.Series 700/800/900/1000
29.236.04Transducer in hull. Double frequency 50/200 kHz with temperature sensor included. Used with XD, the system can reach a depth of 750mSeries XD

29.236.02 29.236.03 29.236.01