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Genuine MAFRAST boxes, watertight and shock-resistant

Watertight up to a 9-m depth. Made of shock-resistant resins, fitted with O-rings and covered with soft foam lining that perfectly adapts to the objects to be put away. Ideal for instruments and delicate objects to protect from shocks and humidity. The boxes are equipped with a special bleeding valve for underwater use. Yellow colour.

Art. nr. mm - outside mm - insideMAFRAST modelColour
47.220.01210x167x90186x123x75WR-07 Yellow
47.220.02330x280x120300x220x90WR-12 Yellow
47.220.03430x380x154395x320x117WR-16 Yellow
47.220.04515x355x225510x292x175WR-20 Yellow