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Double-cone high-efficiency Sea Anchor

Robust construction, the double-cone profile generates a special turbulence that increases the "Seabrake" efficiency as the sea strength increases. The water goes out through the 4 drain plug at the base thus keeping the trim constant. Nine possible uses: 1) floating anchor 2) anti-gliding anchor reducing broaching and gliding risk 3) anti-rolling when at anchor 4) emergency tacking 5) stabilization of boat on tow 6) anchor and keel 7) brake 8) stabilizer 9) emergency steering system.

CodiceNewArticoloModelFor hulls up to m
32.782.01 GP 24l10,5
32.782.02 GP 30l16,5
32.782.03 GP 48l22,5
32.782.04GP 60I29