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VICTRON Centaur analogic battery chargers

3-stage IUOU charge automatic chargers, independent outlets to charge 3 banks at the same time - full power battery. Technical data: - Aluminium frame - Universal supply: 90/265VAC - 90/400 VDC - 45/65 Hz - Analogic ammeter - Internal temperature sensors, forced ventilation - Protections against short circuit, overheating - Acid-GEL-AGM battery selection.

Art. nr.NewArticoloFoto ArticoloTypeOutlet VMax charge ANo of outletsRecommended for batteries A·h
14.274.02 12/3014,3303120/300355x215x110 mm3,8
14.274.03  12/4014,3403160/400426x239x135 mm5
14.274.05  12/6014,3603240/600426x239x135 mm5
14.274.06 12/8014,3803320/800505x255x130 mm12
14.274.07  12/10014,31003400/1000505x255x130 mm12
14.274.09 24/3028,8303120/280426x239x135 mm5
14.274.10  24/4028,5403160/400505x255x130 mm12
14.274.11 24/6028,5603240/600505x255x130 mm12
14.270.30 Battery alarm panel, a sound or visual alarm warns about too high or too low voltage 14.270.36 Remote charger switchPHOENIX control panel. It monitors the charge level and ensures the reduction of outlet DC current if the inlet AC power is low. It also enables to modify the battery charge parameters. RJ45 cable required. 14.100.06 Battery monitor

14.274.11 14.270.30 14.270.36