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MARLOW Marlowbraid line, white with fleck

Polyester rope Ideal for: halyards (cruising boats); Vang; high/low haul; low stretch sheets. Features: elongation resistance; can be sliced. Core: 3-ply polyester. Outer sheath: very tough 16-ply polyester.

CodiceFleck colorØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.432.06BL Blue06 mm901 kg3200
06.432.08BL Blue08 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.432.10BL Blue10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.432.12BL Blue12 mm4450 kg10200
06.432.14BL Blue14 mm5460 kg14,5100
06.432.16BL Blue16 mm7420 kg19100
06.432.06OR Gold06 mm901 kg3200
06.432.08OR Gold08 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.432.10OR Gold10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.432.12OR Gold12 mm4450 kg10200
06.432.14OR Gold14 mm5460 kg14,5100
06.432.16OR Gold16 mm7420 kg19100
06.432.06RO Red06 mm901 kg3200
06.432.08RO Red08 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.432.10RO Red10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.432.12RO Red12 mm4450 kg10200
06.432.14RO Red14 mm5460 kg14,5100
06.432.16RO Red16 mm7420 kg19100
06.432.06VE Green06 mm901 kg3200
06.432.08VE Green08 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.432.10VE Green10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.432.12VE Green12 mm4450 kg10200
06.432.14VE Green14 mm5460 kg14,5100
06.432.16VE Green16 mm7420 kg19100
06.432.06NE Black06 mm901 kg3200
06.432.08NE Black08 mm1740 kg4,5200
06.432.10NE Black10 mm2850 kg7,3200
06.432.12NE Black12 mm4450 kg10200
06.432.16NE Black16 mm7420 kg19100

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