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Night Eye Manual light

Fitted out with BLUE EYE 5”3/4-inch halogen watertight bulb, genuine STANLEY brand with double filament and 600-metre maximum range. It gives out short extensive light or high beam light with narrow cone. To switch on by means of under deck or under roll-bar handle. 330° rotation, ±28° elevation. Suitable for 5- to 50-mm thickness. With 50-mm thickness the handles sticks out by 34 mm (minimum stroke, dish downwards) to 90 mm (maximum stroke, dish upwards). For spare bulbs see items: 13.230.12/13.

Art. nr.BodyVWHeightLengthØBase Ø
13.005.12White ABS12100+100220 mm220 mm160 mm120 mm
13.005.24White ABS2480+60220 mm220 mm160 mm120 mm