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BATSYSTEM rheostat

A) For 100W incandescent bulbs with microprocessor that lowers the light when the battery load reaches a critical level. B) For 24W LED bulbs.

CodiceNewArticoloVarianteFront colourInside colourRecess Ø mmFront panel
14.023.01 Version A White White52x20 depth60x60 mm
14.023.03 Version A Chromed White52x20 depth60x60 mm
14.023.04 Version A Satinato nikel Black52x20 depth60x60 mm
14.024.01Version B White White52x20 depth60x60 mm
14.024.03Version B Chromed White52x20 depth60x60 mm
14.024.11Version B Black Black52x20 depth60x60 mm

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