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Huiddoorvoer van messing, volledig schroefdraad
Huiddoorvoer, volledig schroefdraad
Flush skin fitting with low rounded edge
Skin fitting - barbed
Flush skin fitting - barbed
Kogelafsluiter van vernikkelde messing, gehele doorgang PN25 binnendraad/binnendraad
Full passage locking gate valve
Slangadapter van gegoten messing met buitenschroefdraad
Melt brass female hose connectors
Check valves
Skin fittings for all types for bilge pumps
Cast brass thru hull scoop strainer
Galvanized steel tool for quick mounting of brass or stainless steel sea cocks
Brass ball valves
Elektronisch PN40 afstandbestuurd kogelventiel
Brass hose adaptor, 90° male version
Cross T brass joint (all female outlets)
Brass "T" connectors
3-way brass joint
Brass joint sleeves
Double brass nipples
Double brass nipples (reduced)
Thread plugs, female thread
Thread plugs, male thread
Brass reducing couplings male/female
Male/female sleeve
Reduced pipe sleeves female/female
3 piece connector 90° male/female fitted with sphero-conical seal and o-ring
3-piece straight connectors fitted with sleeve, sphero-conical seal and o-ring
Brass elbows 45° female/female
Brass elbows 90° male/female
Brass elbows 90° female/female
Brass elbows and reducing couplings female/female
Male/male brass extension sleeve
Brass extension male/female
Linear distribution manifolds
Brass compression joints for copper pipe with Biconical Brass seal
Brass compression joints for cooper pipe with “0” Ring seal