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LEWMAR V1 gypsy-only windlass, 700 W

- Chain/line gypsy - 316 stainless steel deck unit - FastFit: new patented motor mounting system that reduces installation times - Fall Safe system which prevents the anchor from accidental release - Modern look - Sold in pack including switch, remote control switch, circuit breaker and friction release lever - Ready to fit chain counter sensor.

KodMotor - VMotor - WGypsy - chain Ø mmGypsy - line Ø mmPull - maxPull - continuosLine speed m/min - maxLine speed m/min - continuosConsumptionRecommended circuit breaker AFor boats
02.535.0612700612-14454 kg113 kg191380 A9070 to 12 m16,5
02.535.0812700812-16454 kg113 kg191380 A9070 to 12 m16,5

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fall safe

Deck unit

Engine and reducer unit