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RAYMARINE inboard/outboard cockpit autopilots

The Evolution™ Autopilot Package includes the control unit, the EV-1 sensor, the power unit and an actuator. The most suitable actuator and ACU depends on the type of steering system and on the displacement of the vessel.

АртикулNewArticoloФото изделияDescriptionBoat typePackage includes - EVPackage includes - ACUPackage includes - rudder anglePackage includes - control unitPackage includes - actuator
29.623.07 EV-100 PowerMotor vessels, hydraulic steering (cylinder capacity: 50-110 cc)EV-1100not supplied as standardp70Rshydraulic pump, type 0.5
29.623.00 EV-100 WheelSailing vessels, max displacement 7,500 kg * (wheel steering)EV-1100not supplied as standardp70swheel actuator
29.627.03EV-150 Hydraulic packMotor vessels, hydraulic steering (cylinder capacity 80-230 cc.)EV-1150nop70Rshydraulic pump type 1
29.627.02 EV-200 Linear packSailing vessels, max displacement 11,000 kg * (wire/quadrant steering)EV-1200yesp70smechanical linear type 1
29.623.03EV-100 TillerSailing vessels, max displacement 6,000 kg (rudder steering)EV-1100nop70sbar-type
* Please, take into consideration full load displacement.

29.623.07 29.623.00 29.627.03