MZ ELECTRONIC wireless controller

The kit includes a controller and a central unit (pre-combined) and can support up to 8 different controls (sold separately). Both the 3- and 5-button models can be easily retrofitted to existing windlasses and bow thrusters. Fitted with a replaceable battery, they floating and watertight up to 1 metre deep (IP67). 40-m average range. Version A) - It allows wireless remote operation (up/down) of any solenoid-operated windlass; - it includes a controller and a receiver. Version B) - it allows wireless operation of any bow thruster (port and starboard thrust) and of any solenoid-operated windlass (up/down). It includes a controller and a central unit for windlasses and bow thrusters.

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Spare radio remote control
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Kit for windlass with 3-button controller and central unit
Kit for windlass and boat thruster with 5-button controller and central unit

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