GLOMEX Polaris V9130 directive TV antenna with radio remote controlled electric rotation

The perfect solution for watching terrestrial TV digital or analog on your boat. Reception directive angle at 60°, adjustable with a remote control(included), clear and continuous display (when there are signals), no reflex signals, gain up to 6 dB (fixed antennas have a gain of 0 dB). Electric motor swivelling part on the inner part of the dome, fitted on a location protected against wind and other potential risks. Technical specifications - Gain: 3dB VHF - 6dB UHF + 10dB (amplification) double amplifier internal/external - Internal amplifier gain: 23 dB adjustable double inner/external amplifier - Type of antenna: LOG-PERIODIC ANTENNA (UHF) DIPOLE ANTENNA LOADED (VHF) - Reception angle: 60° - Frequency: 170-230 MHz and 470-860MHz - Polarization: horizontal + UHF also vertical - Handling: with engine 12 V, speed 5°/sec., rotation: 0-359° - Remote control: infrared - diameter: 370 mm, height 260 mm - Weight: 1.5kg - Power 12V - Standby power consumption 150 mA max - Consumption with engine in operation: 300 mA max. Installation cables (10 mt) and control unit with the antenna.

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29.927.00 Stainless steel base plate for antenna mounting
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