GLOMEX WebBoat Antenna

CODE 29.921.00

3G/4G/Wi-Fi DUAL SIM integrated antenna system allows you to surf the Internet ensuring stable and high-speed connections up to, approximately, 20 miles from the coast. weBBoat is equipped with 4x4G Diversity antennas that receive the Internet signal and creates a personal and safe WiFi network inside the fibreglass boat, that can be used simultaneously by 32 different and authorized devices. Moreover, if a known Wi-Fi network is present and available (for example the marina Wi-Fi), weBBoat will automatically connect to it to limit the Internet fees. weBBoat is a PLUG & PLAY product as 4G GSM module is integrated inside the dome and, for its operation, only needs a 12/30 Vdc power cable and one/two Micro-SIM cards for surfing the Internet to avoid unwanted roaming costs; all this makes weBBoat very easy to install. weBBoat is also easy to use thanks to the new free App Glomex, available for iOS and Android and allowing use through your Smartphone or Tablet. weBBoat antenna do not include Micro-SIM cards, for 4G subscription apply to your telephone service provider.

Version WeBBoat 4G Plus V 12 mm Ø 250 x 300 h 1,2
Version WeBBoat 4G Plus
V 12
mm Ø 250 x 300 h