GPS MOBISAT Titan Online Anti-Theft device

CODE 29.303.02

It represents a real revolution in satellite tracking. The Titan tracking device has an accuracy which is on a par with military systems. Titan uses the very latest GNSS (global navigation satellite system) module technology, which will ultimately replace GPS. The new GNSS modules are capable of reading various satellite constellations (contrary to GPS) to "triangulate" a geographical position, using the 2 principal constellations currently in orbit: -GPS (USA - 24 satellites in orbit). -GLONASS (Russia - 30 satellites in orbit). Titan does not require a subscription; it includes an unlimited licence, and free access to Mobisat Online Services. The users can check the whereabouts of their vessel in real time, seeing their position directly on their computer screen or via mobile. Technical characteristics: - Remote immobilizer - it is possible to stop the motor from being switched on, by a text message sent from your mobile. - Lithium Nickel back-up battery (motor protection even without direct power supply) - Waterproof to IP67 for total protection against water ingress as well as against dust and solid bodies - Real time vessel tracking to mobile - Movement, real time mapping and speed reporting on PC - Text alert should the vessel move from its mooring - Movement history and courses steered (via a chart plotter type interface) - Text alert should the vessel be involved in a collision (ideal for charter fleets) - No service charges (no subscription) - Once installed, insurance companies offer up to 50% discount on theft policies. - 2 inputs and 2 outputs easily configured by the user. The kit contains: - TITAN satellite protection system - Interface connectors - USB cable for programming. The kit does not include: - SIM card for data connection (needed for the device to work. 4G connection request. Apply to your telephone service provider). Manuals in digital format to be downloaded.

Description Device including GPS antenna, GNSS Power 12 V
Description Device including GPS antenna, GNSS
Power 12 V