Marine 2T DFI Motor Oil

CODE 65.934.05


Semi-synthetic low-smoke oil for 2-stroke direct-injection outboard engines. Designed for Evinrude E-Tec and Mercury DFI engines, excellent on any 2-stroke DFI engine. It offers superior lubrication even at high operating temperatures and prevents carbon deposits. Recommended for 2-stroke air/water-cooled engines with either mixed or separated lubrication system. TC-W3 Performance additivated. Type-testing: NMMA TC-W3®; Evinrude E-Tec Engines; ISO L-EGC/L-EGD; JASO FC/FD; Mercury DFI 2 stroke engines.

Package 5 l 4
Package 5 l
Height: 32 cm
Weight: 4,60 kg
Width: 8 cm
Cubage: 6.144 cm³
Length: 24 cm

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Marine 2T DFI Motor Oil
5 l 4