1958 - 2018
Osculati: Sixtieth anniversary

We celebrate our sixtieth anniversary with a sense of great gratitude to those who have enabled us to get to where we are today. Our thanks are due in particular to all of those who work hard every day to make Osculati the special company that everybody knows today.
This is an important milestone, that we do not intend to let pass unnoticed, celebrating it with you, our customers, as you too are very much part of this story, which is something we shall never forget.

It was 1958 when Emilio and Mario Osculati opened a very small shop in Milan.
From this shop and its modest cellar, our first products emerged. In 1963 the first catalogue came out, something that is always a matter of pride for the company. The business steadily grew and with it so did our premises, our product range and, of course, the company’s personnel.
Every year, since those days constant work has seen the now sixty-years old company develop into the leading supplier we have become.
Our efforts have always been guided by strict adherence to our core values, and to real enthusiasm for all that we do.

Osculati is now a guiding light for the marine markets in Italy and beyond.

This company history has provided the solid foundations that are essential for its continued growth in the future.
It is a story that has involved different decades, generations, places and people. A story of successes and challenges taken on and won.
Everyone associated with the company has always had true passion for his work. They have all been wholly committed to the notion of the job well done, not only to assure success, but also as the key of our business ethos.

These six decades of history are a source of pride to us, and at the same time give us a real sense of responsibility. It is a responsibility we owe to the future.

We are not referring to a remote or abstract future, but to the one that we are building daily.
We must feel and respond to this responsibility in the full and we do so, in our work, and with our products.
This catalogue itself is a part of this story and continues to develop and grow.
Since it was first established Osculati has been engaged in a constant quest for improvement, and to give our customers, quality products able to meet the needs of all those who, like us, love boating.

Invention is not an empty word for us, but has been a central feature of Osculati’s enterprise for over sixty years. It represents our history, and above all our future. We aim to keep working along these lines, in the full knowledge that it is our work that defines who we are.
So, that is how we do business; it’s the foundation upon which we have built the company, and the basis of all our present and future achievements.

The Nobel prize winner Dag Hammarskjöld once said: “To all that has been – Thanks. For all that will be – Yes!

So for us, and for you, our very best wishes for good business and good boating!


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