AQUATIC AV combined stereo+subwoofer+amplifier

CODE 29.548.60

Description Stereo + subwoofer + amplifier
Description Stereo + subwoofer + amplifier
Built-in 288W amplifier with electronic crossover powers both the internal subwoofer and up to four full-range speakers providing outstanding subwoofer performance. It receives a stronger Bluetooth signal from smartphones and MP3 readers with Halo Aerial Technology. It can also be controlled via radio remote control 29.548.77. Built-in amplifier technical specification: - Device control: via Bluetooth, smartphone, MP3; - Outputs: 2 x RCA (400 mV, 2/4 V); - Power (max): 288 W (144 W + 144 W subwoofer); - 125-20,000 Hz. Subwoofer technical specification: - 8" cone; - Tuned subwoofer port; - Power (max): 144 W; - 26-125 Hz.
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 0,54 kg
Width: 36 cm
Cubage: 31.680 cm³
Length: 40 cm

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AQUATIC AV combined stereo+subwoofer+amplifier
Stereo + subwoofer + amplifier
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