• Delivery terms are only indicative. Osculati cannot be held responsible for any delays in the delivery of the Products, nor by any consequential damage caused by late delivery.
• Unless otherwise agreed delivery charges shall be borne by Osculati and then added to the purchase invoice. Possible customs clearance charges shall all be borne by the Purchaser.
• Osculati has however the right not to fulfil the Order, although it has been confirmed, if the Purchaser is insolvent in relation to other deliveries or towards other suppliers or in case he can no more offer valuable assets guarantees.
• If the packaging has not been damaged, any faults or defects of the Products shall have to be notified in writing to Osculati within eight days from delivery, under penalty of loss of the right to appeal.
• On receipt of the goods, if the products or the boxes are damaged, open or without the original Osculati packaging or adhesive tape, the purchaser shall:

  • a. accept the goods subject to checking. On signing, specify in the delivery note the reason for accepting the delivered products subject to checking. Act in this way whenever it is suspected that the packaging has been somehow damaged.
  • b. send immediately a written report both to Osculati and to the forwarding agent describing the damage in detail, send also copy of the delivery note.
• Osculati shall not be liable for any product damage occurred during transport unless what mentioned before has been scrupulously observed.
• If the shipment has not been arranged by Osculati but by the purchaser, the goods will travel at his own risk.

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