Production and assembly

Many Osculati products are made internally in our production department.
The articles are checked step by step on the entire production process, from the individual components to the packaging, to guarantee an in-depth quality control.


Processing of Osculati products.


Packaging items.

Tests on products

Before being placed on the market, Osculati products undergo a series of strict tests to guarantee that they meet the highest standards of quality.

Out-house laboratories carry out tests and issue certifications on the items expected to comply with international regulations.

All products made of steel undergo an in-house salt spray chamber test, which reproduces the tough marine environment and permits to verify the resistance against corrosion in accelerated conditions.

The plastic or rubber products are tested in the UV chamber, which verify their resistance to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

We also carry out accurate water-resistance, functionality and life-time reliability tests in our laboratories.

The items required to guarantee high breaking loads are tested in association with the test centres at the Polytechnic University of Milan where the most advanced equipment put our AISI316 stainless steel to an extreme test to detect its limits.

Breaking load test of a push-up cleat.


Specialized technicians carry out product ageing in the salt spray chamber.


Steel products in the salt spray chamber.


Products in the UV chamber.


Breaking load test.

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