Raymic remote station for Ray60/Ray70

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ 29.720.06

Περιγραφή Raymic second station for Ray63/Ray73
Περιγραφή Raymic second station for Ray63/Ray73
* Extension cable not included.
The new Ray63/Ray73 are full-sized VHF radios packed with all the essential communication features that every boater needs. Add the optional handset accessory and you can use your Ray63/Ray73 from 2 locations onboard. The handset also enables intercom calling from station to station.- Class D DSC receiver.-Integrated GPS with possible additional external passive GPS antenna (in compliance with the new EN301025 regulations).- DSC button for GPS position data and digital mayday transmission.- Instant access to channel 16.- NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 connectivity.- Large back-lit LCD screen.- Dual station with optional RayMic accessory.- 2 handsets can be connected wireless.- Ray73 with integrated AIS module.- IPX6 and IPX7 watertightness.- Output for fog horn.
Height: 8 cm
Weight: 0,58 kg
Width: 14 cm
Cubage: 2.538 cm³
Length: 24 cm

Αντικείμενα της σειράς

Αντικείμενο Περιγραφή Power V Συναρμολόγηση Built-in AIS and loudspeaker output
VHF Ray63 with integrated GPS
VHF Ray63 12 Bulkhead or bracket No
VHF Ray73 with integrated AIS loudhailer output
VHF Ray73 12 Bulkhead or bracket Yes
Raymic remote station for Ray60/Ray70
Raymic second station for Ray63/Ray73 - - -
Raymarine extension cable for Raymic 10 m
10-m extension cable for Raymic 29.720.06 - - -