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LEWMAR Ocean self-tailing winch

The Wavespring system uses high grip disks and self-adjusting springs to safely handles today’s smaller diameter ropes as well as the traditional larger ones. The chromed bronze feeder arm provides a smooth, snag free operation.

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloVarianteModelHandle/drum rev. ratio - 1aHandle/drum rev. ratio - 2aPower ratio - 1aPower ratio - 2aBase Ø mmRope Ø mmMounting
68.102.30Anodized aluminum drum30ST4,22:14.2:113.8:129.2:11388-125 x M6 screws
68.102.40Anodized aluminum drum40ST4,91.9:15.8:113.2:140.2:11488-125 x M6 screws
68.102.46Anodized aluminum drum46ST7,22.4:17.6:113.9:144.8:11688-145 x M6 screws
68.102.48Anodized aluminum drum48ST8,82.6:19:113.9:148.6:11818-145 x M6 screws
68.112.30Chromed bronze drum30ST5,62:14.2:113.8:129.2:11388-125 x M6 screws
68.112.40Chromed bronze drum40ST6,51.9:15.8:113.2:140.2:11488-125 x M6 screws
68.112.46Chromed bronze drum46ST9,72.4:17.6:113.9:144.8:11688-145 x M6 screws
68.112.48Chromed bronze drum48ST12,12.6:19:113.9:148.6:11818-145 x M6 screws
68.112.54Chromed bronze drum54ST17,02.8:111.2:113.8:154:12058-165 x M6 screws
Avaialble on request.

68.112.xx 68.102.xx