Retail range

OSCULATI offers a wide range of products whose packaging is tailored to the end user’s needs.
Blisters packs, boxes, bags, etc. are designed to be instantly recognizable and enhance the product image.


Blister packs

Most of our small-size products are available in blister packs to be exhibited on impressive display stands. Products in blister packs have bar codes and are ready for display.

Bolts and screws in blisters packs can also come with a dedicated display stand.



Packaging is one of the smartest media and makes a product immediately recognizable on the shelf: the user will better appreciate its features and this is why most of Osculati products come in a high-quality item-oriented packaging. Every package shows the pictures of the product, its technical data in several languages, its item code and bar code.

A colour band on the package lower part stands for the category the product belongs to (hydraulic systems, electronics, lighting, etc.) for a fast identification on the items on display.


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