Design & Engineering

OSCULATI offers over 7,000 items under its brand name, many of which conceived by our designers.
Our Design & Engineering Department develops new items and improves existing ones for utmost efficiency and reliability.

The product development process starts in response to input from our customers as well as the sailors and boaters that work with us.
Our best ideas generate from your experience!
It’s a process that evolves from the analysis of the existing items – to enhance or adapt them to different needs – to the creation of brand new products.
At the design stage our engineers use state-of-the-art CAD software and 3D printers to implement prototypes and samples.


Only when all quality and design requirements are met, can production be trusted to the leading specialists in the marine sector.


Before products are marketed, they all have to successfully undergo a series of strict tests for technical properties, quality and regulatory compliance carried out at in-house facilities or in association with the Polytechnic University of Milan.

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